What to do with non-moving stock?

What to do with your non-moving stock?

Non-moving stock is one of the biggest problems any retail or e-Commerce business has. It brings huge costs and blocks cash flow from purchasing new merchandise and grow.

On average, around 20%-30% of stores’ total stock is non-moving (dead) stock.

This costs you more than you know. There are many hidden costs for this stock.

In addition to a product’s COGS, non-moving stock can be up to 50% more!

You also need to consider the cost of the Wearhouse, handling costs, opportunity cost, insurance and other administrative expenses.

Many e-Commerce businesses put most efforts on sales.

But revenue is not the main goal of a store. What is? PROFIT.

In order to run a profitable store, you must not neglect a critical part of your business, that is your non-moving stock.

Here are 3 ways to move your non-moving stock:

    Discounts and sales

Identify products that their sales rate is not enough to finish stock in time (end of season, expiration date, etc.). Give them a discount or include them in sales in order to move stock without losing a lot of margin, in oppose to wait for clearance sales and sell them for minimum margin or at a loss.

    Products sorting

Locate products that need more exposure to get sales at the top of collection pages and reduce their non-moving stock

    Products recommendations

Promote these products on your recommendation engines to get them more exposure and sales

Always be aware of products that create non-moving stock, identify them on time and react in real time. Aim to increase sales but do so while efficiently using your stock.

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