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“Effectively merchandising for Q4 necessitates a careful selection of product presentations that engage. To achieve this, personalization is integral. By offering personalized, themed gift cards, merchants can meet customer needs while resonating with the holiday spirit, simplifying the often stressful task of gift selection. Additionally, consider store credits or reward systems to encourage repeat purchases beyond the holiday season.”

Roey Barkan

“Master these pillars to navigate holiday highs effortlessly. First, mobile experience. With shoppers increasingly on smartphones, it's essential to craft sleek designs and ensure swift load times. Second, the checkout process: make it seamless, rapid, and uncomplicated to counteract any festive rush hesitations. And lastly, retargeting. With so many distractions this season, it's our gentle tap on the shoulder for those who've strayed, guiding them back with timely ads. ”

Ric Williams

“To enhance the overall customer experience, reduce returns, and cultivate long-term customer loyalty during the holiday season, you want to ensure you are educating your customers well before a sale. This means ensuring you only include accurate product descriptions and leveraging high-quality product images. You also want to ensure you have a hassle-free return policy strategically displayed for potential customers to see.”

JP Arnaud-Marquez 

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