Re-thinking eCommerce merchandising

Increase profit with personalized, data driven collections.
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Advanced merchandising & personalization

Use personalization and advanced analytics to enhance your merchandising abilities.
Boost revenue and reduce non-moving inventory to optimize profits by up to 30%.

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AI personalized data driven collections

Our AI merchandising strategy engine (AMS) allows you to create and sort smart collections using data from your store, Google Analytics and real time 1:1 personalization.

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"Kimonix is a truly amazing product. It helped us to increase conversion rate by 18% and reduce non-moving inventory by 29%! The team is there to support with everything we need."

Swarovski IL

"WOW. This product is a game changer which solves a big problem with Shopify and adds control to collections. Great support and really easy to set up. 5 stars."

Farm Models Store

"This is a unique solution with tremendous amount of value for us - it gives us max control on the collections and sorting and adding the personalization on top of that is absolutely amazing!"


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