Manage eCommerce
merchandising like a retail pro

Increase profits by up to 30% with advanced merchandising that
fulfills business goals, fuels conversion, and keeps customers coming back.

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Not another personalization tool

True eCommerce merchandising involves so much more. Kimonix is a holistic, AI-powered merchandising solution that allows you to execute ROI-driven merchandising strategy based on your real-time business needs. With Kimonix, you have all of the data, insights, and control you need to display the right products to the right shopper at the right price.

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Work smarter and easier

Our advanced AI merchandising strategy engine (AMS) allows you to build, sort, automate, A/B test and optimize smart collections based on your current business goals, inventory constraints, and shopper demand. We combine real-time sales and inventory data with insights on your shoppers’ preferences to build tailored customer journeys that maximize profitability.

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Reach your full eCommerce potential

We let you unify your key business metrics, customer preferences, and inventory data to maximize profit with every sale.

Intuitively Fulfill
Customer Preferences

Tailor product displays,
collections, and landing pages to your shoppers’ unique styles to trigger that “I’ve gotta have
that!” moment.

Boost Conversion
Rate and Sales

Elevate your conversion rate and increase revenue, especially among products that yield the greatest profits.

Optimize Inventory and Maximize Margins

Get the most out of your current merchandise. Maximize margins and reduce costs by selling non-moving inventory faster.

Welcome to the new age of eCommerce merchandising

Finally. With Kimonix, you can:

Reduce non-moving inventory with
strategic displays and promotions

Raise conversion rate of SKUs with the greatest profit margin

Create memorable customer experiences that breed shopper loyalty

Fulfill business goals and strengthen your bottom line

What our merchants say about Kimonix

"Kimonix is a truly amazing product. It helped us to increase conversion rate by 18% and reduce non-moving inventory by 29%! The team is there to support with everything we need."


"A game changer and a must have for any store, it will save you so much time, and allow you to merchandise your products properly based on things like margin, and stock. I don't know how I lived without this for so long!"

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"This is a unique solution with a tremendous amount of value for us - it gives us max control on the collections and sorting and adding the personalization on top of that is absolutely amazing!"


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