9 AI-Powered Tools for eCommerce Management

There is no doubt that as the eCommerce market changes and grows, the need for AI-powered tools for eCommerce management is becoming even more critical.  

Not only does artificial intelligence help businesses assess market and business changes in real-time, but it improves the customer shopping experience, streamlines backend tasks, and ultimately helps with business growth. 

Its benefits include: 

  • Creating personalized, interactive buying experiences to improve conversions and retention 
  • Streamlining backend tasks and projects to free up time to concentrate on marketing 
  • Fine-tuning and optimizing inventory and marketing KPIs to boost profitably 
  • Improving overall customer-brand interactions 
  • Ensuring more targeted, optimized marketing and advertising 
  • Giving access to real-time advanced analytics and data  

So, where to start? 

In the post, we highlight the best AI-powered tools for eCommerce management, covering every aspect of business from advanced merchandising ideas to fraud protection. They include: 

Top 9 Artificial Intelligence Tools for Business Growth

  1. Kimonix
  2. Prisync
  3. LivePerson
  4. Traffic Booster
  5. Klaviyo
  6. Salesforce
  7. QuickBooks Commerce
  8. ProofHub
  9. Signifyd

Let’s jump in. 

Artificial Intelligence Tool #1: Kimonix Advanced eCommerce Merchandising 

Kimonix is an advanced AI merchandising tool that enables eCommerce management teams to build smart, automated product collections and product sorting strategies using expert parameters and personalization. It far exceeds the limitations of Shopify’s product sorting criteria. 

Key Features: 

  • Synchronization of sales data, inventory analytics, and customer insights to create innovative collections that boost sales, optimize inventory, and maximize margins
  • AI sorting strategy customizable by sale influence, inventory, margins, customer preferences, and more to boost sales and move inventory faster
  • Built-in collection A/B testing to automatically test and choose the most profitable product collections
  • Features to create unique landing pages with personalized collections for each shopper 
  • Automated product performance optimization based on inventory, sales, and customer engagement stats

Cost: Kimonix offers a free 14-day trial. Paid plans start at $69 per month for up to 1,000 monthly orders. 

Kimonix AI Tool pricing

Best for: Growing or established eCommerce B2C or B2B retailers running on Shopify.

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Artificial Intelligence Tool #2: Prisync Dynamic Pricing

Prisync is designed to help keep eCommerce stores competitive and profitable in highly saturated niche markets. It is a dynamic pricing tool that tracks a store’s competitors’ pricing in real-time and allows merchandising managers to automatically match or beat prices based on specific business rules. 

Key Features: 

  • Tracks prices and does price comparisons automatically using their price scraping technology feature 
  • Increases profit margins with smart dynamic pricing rules 
  • Finds the prices of product variants automatically, including size, color, etc.
  • Refreshes pricing data four times per day regardless of which plan a merchant uses 

Cost: Prisync includes a 14-day free trial. After this, paid plans start at $129 per month for up to 1,000 products and $229 per month for the Platinum plan. For brand new stores with smaller categories, they offer a smaller package on their site at $59 per month for up to 100 products. 

prisync AI Tool pricing

Best for: Medium or fast-growing eCommerce brands operating in highly competitive niches. 

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Artificial Intelligence Tool #3: LivePerson's Conversational Cloud  

LivePerson is an AI-powered conversation cloud tool that can be used by sales, marketing, and customer care teams to optimize brand-to-consumer conversations. Think of this tool as a cloud-based workspace where your eCommerce management teams can manage agents, bots, and conversations from desktop, iOS, and Android devices.

Key Features: 

  • Offers real-time consumer intention understanding and data with Internet Manager feature 
  • Builds automated conversation flows with automation and a holistic point-and-click interface 
  • Partners human experts and AI-powered chatbots to fulfill customers' intentions at scale
  • Includes advanced conversation analytics for monitoring sales, marketing, and customer care KPIs in real-time
  • Integrates with top conversational channels including app, web, social, email, and third-party messaging services to manage conversations from one place 

Cost: LivePerson’s pricing is based on specific business needs, goals, and size, so pricing is quoted on request. However, they do offer small businesses a 45-day free trial. 

liveperson AI Tool pricing

Best for: Growing or established eCommerce retailers handling extensive customer service conversations. 

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Artificial Intelligence Tool #4: Traffic Booster PPC Management and Optimization  

Traffic Booster is an eCommerce advertising service that is powered by AI. It is the only PPC management software that takes over every aspect of your PPC marketing and works with managers, owners, or extensive marketing teams. It automates Google, Facebook, and Instagram ads using unique AI technology, while their in-house marketing experts create personalized ad campaigns designed to improve ROAS. 

Key Features: 

  • Dedicated marketing expert and account manager and multi-channel dashboard 
  • Real-time optimization with built-in automatic bid optimizer and machine learning
  • Ability to manage and sync product feeds with no limitations  
  • Campaign management across a variety of platforms, including Google Shopping, Dynamic Product Ads, YouTube, TikTok Ads, Facebook and Instagram acquisition ads, and more

Cost: All Traffic Booster plans include PPC setup, management, optimization, and your actual ad spend. In other words, what you spend on the app will be your total PPC advertising budget. Budgets start at $180 per month. 

Best for: Any B2C or B2B eCommerce store looking to manage and optimize PPC campaigns. 

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Artificial Intelligence Tool #5: Klaviyo SMS and Email Marketing Automation  

Klavio email marketing automation 2

Klaviyo is a popular email marketing automation tool. Second only to Mailchimp in terms of market share, it’s designed to create and send engaging emails on autopilot. Now including SMS marketing, it’s a comprehensive email and SMS marketing automation tool that scales with eCommerce brands no matter how much they grow. 

Key Features: 

  • Personalization and targeting backed by unlimited data
  • Powerful pre-built integrations, out-of-the-box automation, and pre-built forms and templates
  • Advanced segmentation and growth-focused reporting
  • Integration with Facebook, Recharge, Zendesk, Swell Rewards, Smile.io, and Aftership

Cost: Klaviyo is free to install and use for up to 250 email contacts and 50 SMS contacts. Paid plans start at $5 per month, with prices depending on the number of connections a business has. You can calculate costs for your specific needs here

Klavio email marketing automation pricing

Best for: Small to large eCommerce business looking for email marketing automation. 

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Artificial Intelligence Tool #6: Salesforce eCommerce Experience  

Salesforce is an all-in-one customer relationship management tool for small, medium, and enterprise businesses. Their eCommerce cloud product is explicitly designed to create a seamless self-service online shopping experience by helping retailers tailor every interaction in the shopper journey across their preferred channels.

Key Features: 

  • Includes optimized checkout flows and payment accelerators
  • Unlocks real-time inventory visibility, advanced allocation logic, and order lifecycle management 
  • Gives access to digital storefronts and order history in real-time 
  • Includes customer segments, merchandising rules, and AI-powered recommendations

Cost: All Salesforce prices are quoted on request. 

salesforce commerce pricing

Best for: Fast-growing or medium to large online retailers looking for tailored AI-powered solutions. 

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Artificial Intelligence Tool #7: QuickBooks Commerce Backend Management  

Formerly known as TradeGecko, QuickBooks Commerce is a cloud-based inventory management tool that manages a host of backend eCommerce management tasks, including fulfillment tracking, accounting, and order tracking. 

Key Features: 

  • Lets you manage orders, track inventory, and improve fulfillment from multiple stores all from a central hub 
  • Connects sales with QuickBooks accounting features to manage your income and expenses
  • Gives you the ability to manage your product listings across multiple channels to grow your customer base
  • Provides powerful on-demand insights into all sales data  

Cost: QuickBooks Commerce plans start at $35 per month with advanced plans for more established stores reaching $161 per month. 

Quickbooks commerce pricing

Best for: Small to medium online stores looking for an all-in-one solution for inventory and order management. 

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Expert Tip: For much larger, more established eCommerce retailers, eCommerce management teams may want to opt for more advanced inventory management AI integration such as IBM. IBM’s Order Management tool uses predictive rules to access in-store and warehouse inventory, going beyond rules-based sourcing to meet customer and margin needs.

This is something brand REI had a lot of success with, increasing their sales by $100 million in the first year of using the IBM Order Management tool. 

Artificial Intelligence Tool #8: ProofHub Team and Project Management  

Cloud-based ProofHub is AI-powered project planning and management software that handles backend business management. This includes communication channels, task management, and an advanced reporting engine that generates custom reports. 

Key Features: 

  • Includes centralized files and document storage
  • Allow you to plan, collaborate, organize, and deliver projects from one place 
  • Gives access to powerful task sorting and grouping with the flexibility to personalize workflows 
  • Streamlines workflows with Gantt charts and calendar features 

Cost: ProofHub’s cheaper plan starts at $45 per month, and full-feature plans start at $89 per month for unlimited control. All users also get a 14-day free trial. 

Proofhub AI project management pricing

Proofhub AI project management pricing

Best for: eCommerce retailers with extensive teams and backend projects. 

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Bonus AI Project Management Tools: Other AI team management apps to consider include Monday.com, Wrike, Asana, and Trello

Artificial Intelligence Tool #9: Signifyd Fraud Protection and Revenue Optimization

Signifyd is an end-to-end Commerce protection platform built to streamline order fulfillment, maximize conversions, and automate customer experience by eliminating fraud and abuse. In a nutshell, it promises to increase conversion rates by removing friction in the buying process.

Key Features: 

  • Provides a financial guarantee in cases of item-not-received (INR) claims and offers an automated Chargeback Recovery product 
  • Leverages big data, machine learning, and expert manual review to provide a 100% financial guarantee against fraud
  • Streamlines the order review and fulfillment process with automation and custom workflows 

Cost: Although Signifyd includes a 14-day free trial, it is best suited for high-volume stores, with paid plans starting at $1,500 per month.

signifyd  pricing

Best for: High-volume online retailers. 

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Final Thoughts: How to Choose the Best AI Applications and Tools 

There you have it, 9 AI-powered tools for eCommerce, including: 

  1. Kimonix
  2. Prisync
  3. LivePerson
  4. Traffic Booster
  5. Klaviyo
  6. Salesforce
  7. QuickBooks Commerce 
  8. ProofHub 
  9. Signifyd

You may still be asking how to choose the right AI tool for your business and team. 

The short answer is: by assessing your budget and needs. Here are some factors to take into consideration when reviewing your options: 

  1. Which reporting and analytics features are included 
  2. If the costs are worth the benefits 
  3. If it offers good backend app or tool support 
  4. Which add-ons, applications, functions, or tools are included 
  5. If there would be any theme conflicts with your store platform 
  6. If they are customizable 

Still have questions? Post them in the comments section below! 

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