Say hello to the first AI-powered, holistic eCommerce merchandising solution

Kimonix synchronizes sales data, inventory analytics, and insights on your customer preferences to create smart collections that boost sales, optimize inventory, and maximize margins.

Sort collections to fulfill your
business needs

Our proprietary AMS engine allows you to form a sorting strategy for your product collections according to the business parameters that are most important to you. Customize the influence of sales, inventory, margins, customer preferences, and more to boost sales and move inventory faster.

Create smart automated
collections that drive ROI

Build smart, multi-segment collections that create ROI-driven customer journeys for each shopper. First, design brand new collections according to your needs, or customize predefined templates like Best Sellers, New Arrivals, Sale, and more. Then, strategically place each collection across your eCommerce store and Facebook and Google product feeds to optimize your ads.

Collection Page Product Cross-Sell

Enhance product discovery and help your customers find products they are likely to buy. Increase AOV and revenue by recommending frequently bought together products on the collection page.

Boost profit potential with built-in collection A/B testing

Automatically test and choose the most profitable product collections with Kimonix's built-in collections A/B testing feature. This feature enables you to test various smart collection and sorting strategies and then execute the most profitable one, based on the results.

Use personalized landing pages to
support omnichannel success

Maximize the impact of your email marketing campaigns by creating unique landing pages with personalized collections for each shopper. We combine individual shoppers’ onsite behavioral data with general cohort data to develop tailor-made landing pages that inspire and convert.

Continuously optimize product performance

Monitor inventory, sales, and customer engagement stats for each product to gain a deeper understanding of which products are performing well and which aren’t. Leverage those insights and alerts to achieve smart product promotions and effortless inventory management.

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