Charm Shoppers with Irresistible Product Recommendations

Personalized product recommendations, combined with our top-notch, profit-driven system, that drive sales in a big way.

Turn every store page into a sales machine

Personalized Recommendation Elements Anywhere on Your Site

Whether it's a carousel, gallery, or any other element, effortlessly integrate product recommendations on any page of your store.

Shape Your Perfect Product Recommendation Strategy

Welcome in the next era of eCommerce with groundbreaking technology that prioritizes profits and uses 1:1 personalization. Recommend products that each of your customers is more likely to buy. All while minimizing dead stock and optimizing bottom-line profits.

Use our expertise with smart recommendation templates

With just one click, you can execute an advanced recommendation strategy to apply to any chosen element. Whether it's personalization, recently viewed, frequently bought-together items, or templates that are most suitable for your business.

Implement Designs That Seamlessly Fit Your Theme

Our design elements auto-adjust to your store's theme, ensuring consistency. Plus, you have full control over the information displayed in the recommendation sections.

Place Recommendations at Peak Conversion Points

Our system effortlessly fits into your tech space, personalizing customer journeys to supercharge your eCommerce success.

Inform Decisions based on your recommendation elements

Turn every store page into a sales machine

Monitor the performance of each recommendation element using advanced analytics to fine-tune your strategy.

What customers say about Kimonix


This app is a must have for large inventories. Your conversion rate will thank you! On top of that, their customer service is awesome!

Benisouk- United States

We have many skus and we use it for marketing landing pages. So cool that it created dynamic sorting on your products by conversion rate, inventory left, ect. Plus Daniel and the team have been super nice and supportive. - United States

As a small team, we have limited resources, so it's a huge relief to know that this app takes care of so much of the heavy lifting for us.


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