Find Your Winning Sorting Strategies

Take advantage of our built-in, automated A/B testing feature to assess the performance of your merchandising strategy and product collections with zero manual effort.

Built-in collection A/B testing

Test Sorting Strategies in Real Time

Explore various sorting strategies and test them in real time to determine which delivers the strongest results. You can use testing to uncover the optimal plan for your overall merchandising strategy.

Build a Smart Testing Strategy

Test various smart collection and sorting strategies and shift your focus toward the one proven to be the most profitable for improved long-term results.

Inform Decisions Using Data

Monitor crucial metrics to enhance your merchandising strategies, driving sales and growth by focusing on key performance indicators.

Inform Decisions Using Collections Data

Monitor crucial metrics to enhance your merchandising strategies

What customers say about Kimonix


I’m pretty amazed by what this app offers in terms of data and the control it gives you over the collections. They thought of everything and the support is over the top!

Lola Stars - United States

The customer service is very responsive and helpful, this is a must-have app for anyone who has a large number of products to manage in their store.

Silk & Salt - United States

Kimonix is amazing! It lets us micromanage our collection sorting using all sorts of metrics. We noticed an immediate return on the investment once we started using it. Worth every penny!

Love in Faith- United States

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