Turn your Collection Page Into a Conversion Machine

Boost your average order value by recommending related items on your collections page’s product card. Encourage customers to buy additional products that are frequently purchased together.

Collection Page Product Cross-Sell

Enhanced Shopping Experience

Get your customers to engage and actively discover more products without interfering with their shopping journey.

Understand Your Customers

Unleash the power of AI-driven insights to analyze your customers' buying habits and tailor your marketing efforts for a better shopping experience.

Appealing Design

Offer a modern and seamless shopping experience on your collection page with designs that integrate effortlessly with your store’s theme. 

Entice Customers to Buy More

Enhance product discovery and help your customers find products they will likely buy. Increase your shopping cart value by suggesting products they’re likely to add to their shopping carts.

Inform Decisions Using Collections Data

Monitor crucial metrics to enhance your merchandising strategies

What customers say about Kimonix


This app is amazing, it has saved me hours of time! The customer service is the best I've come across in such a long time!

Oh Hello Clothing - Ireland

Amazing app, this is a game changer and a must have for any store, it will save you so much time, and allow you to merchandise your products properly based on things like margin, and stock, I don't know how I lived without this for so long!

Kick Game - United Kingdom

Kimonix makes it simple to create sort criteria that pushes products higher or lower on the page based on a number of factors, such as inventory, past sales, Google Analytics conversion rate, whether a product is new, whether it has certain tags, and much, much more. It's extremely flexible and usable.

ELEDLights - United States

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