Super Collections

Make your store, inventory and marketing communicate and help each other improve conversion rate, boost sales, improve margin and reduce inventory costs.

Our technology integrates data from your store and Google Analytics and provides personalized and automated solutions.
Easily execute data driven decisions in real time based on each product’s overall performance, how often it’s promoted, and it’s inventory status.

Smart Automated Collections

Create smart automated collections with highly advanced parameters choice. Have them fully customized or use pre-defined templates.

Advanced Product Sorting

Sort new or existing collections using advanced analytics to create a unique ranking model based on your business needs. Use our sorting templates or customize your own.

Products Insights

Discover your highest & lowest performing products, when & where to promote them & how to maximize the efficiency of your inventory

Personalized Landing Page

Create tailor made landing page for each one of your customers for your email campaigns

Ready to get more out of your shop?