5 Merchandising Hacks to Boost Easter Sales [2024]

Easter is almost here, and it’s not all chocolates and candy. It’s also the ideal time to implement your store’s spring promotions. 

US adults spent around $190 per family over the Easter holidays last year, with food, candy, gifts, and clothing on the top of their buying agenda — Are you ready to make the most out of Easter spending? 

In this post, we give you five quick merchandising strategies you can use to help drive Easter sales. 

1. Get Festive with Your Onsite Promotions

Seasonal onsite promotions are a great way to move potential customers through the sales journey to your checkout pages. 

The trick for huge sales wins, though, is ensuring you have tailored the products and/or the promotion themes to what someone would most likely be looking for during that season. You want to ask yourself what products are most likely to be used during the Easter holidays, what your specific target customers would be using it for, and why. 

For instance, if you’re an online retailer targeting students with affordable fashion, you could come up with an onsite buy one, get one promotion that groups together athleisure wear with lounging at home during their short break. 

Or more, you could do a design and copy tweak to your existing pop-ups to pair Easter promotions with gamification or urgency countdowns. 

Easter pop up example

[Source: Popin]

If you really want to go all out, you could run an “Easter egg hunt” onsite promotion like Banana Republic or Topman did in previous years. 

egg_hunt promotion example

[Source: Comalytics]

2. Combine Personalized Product Recommendations with Email Marketing to Drive Engagement 

Email marketing plays an essential role in your overall holiday merchandising strategy. After all, it enables you to remarket past shoppers during a time when they are actively looking for related products or information. Yes, this means sending mailers to notify your audiences about your Easter promotions. However, that is not enough during these periods to stay competitive in such a saturated market. 

A good way to take your merchandising strategy to the next level is by also including personalized product recommendations into your Easter email marketing campaigns. It is even better if those product recommendations align with your real-time retail KPIs and Easter inventory goals! 

We touched on all the steps you need to implement this advanced merchandising strategy in our guide to email marketing product collections, but here’s a quick summary. 

By using AI-powered automation tools like Kimonix — which factors in both your marketing and retail KPIs, along with 1:1 personalization — you take your Easter email marketing to pro level. Why? This ensures that the products you are recommending to each inbox isn’t only tailored specifically to each shopper, but also factors in your Easter marketing goals. Best of all, with the right tools in place, you can run this strategy on auto-pilot. Here’s a suggested list. 

Email Marketing Personalization Tools

  1. Klaviyo: Renowned for its SMS and email marketing automation capabilities, Klaviyo stands out with limitless data-driven personalization, cutting-edge segmentation features, and insightful reporting designed to fuel business growth.
  2. Kimonix: Empowering eCommerce businesses with sophisticated merchandising solutions, Kimonix offers a comprehensive platform for crafting intelligent product assortments and sorting strategies. Leveraging expert retail insights and advanced personalization, Kimonix streamlines operations and enhances customer experiences.
  3. Prisync: Revolutionizing pricing strategies, Prisync is a dynamic tool that monitors competitor prices in real-time. By constantly adapting store pricing to match market dynamics, Prisync enables businesses to stay competitive and maximize revenue potential.

3. Blend Remarketing Strategies with Offsite Merchandising 

It’s not only email marketing you need to plan for when creating your holiday remarketing strategies. Your social media channels, third-party marketplaces, and PPC channels are vital remarketing streams. It’s also a good time to think of brand collaborations and social co-marketing initiatives or product merges. Here’s a mega example of what Reece chocolates did. 

Ultimately, by creating Easter-themed, offsite campaigns that you can combine with advanced product sorting and recommendations, you can bring shoppers who already know your brand (and trust it!) back to your checkout pages. 

This can be even more powerful if audiences click from remarketing campaigns to personalized product display landing pages! We go into full detail about this advanced merchandising strategy in our How to Use Personalized Product Discovery Landing Pages to Drive ROAS post. 

4. Bundle Products in Easter Themes

Another way to boost Easter sales with merchandising is product bundling. The right product bundle can help entice window shoppers to check out, while also increasing your AOVs. This means driving more sales for more dollars, pushing your brand’s profitability. And when you combine the power of bundling with spring or Easter-themed collections, you could double your results. 

This can be as simple as an online household retailer bundling dishes and table setting decor together for an Easter lunch, or an online fashion retailer putting together clothing with a well-matched spring hat. Or, you could bundle all your products with something free to improve value perception in a big way. 

product bundle example

[Source: Convertcart]

Of course, for online retailers who are selling Easter gifts or food, then you also want to create Easter-themed collections. Holiday-themed collections is something that Yummy Bazaar are experts on. Here’s an example of a previous Easter collection they did. 

homepage merchandising with promotion banner on yummy bazaar online merchandising

[Source: Boost Commerce]

5. Harness the Power of Advanced AI and Automation 

There is no beating around the bush; automation is vital if you want to upgrade to a more-advanced merchandising strategy. Therefore, if you haven’t upgraded your AI tools recently, then just before Easter and spring is a great time to do so. And you will want to start with merchandising AI and machine learning

By incorporating AI into your product recommendation strategies, you: 

  • Enhance customer engagement to drive brand loyalty 
  • Improve product discoverability for increased sales 
  • Elevate the customer experience to boost satisfaction 
  • Increase AOVs (average order values) for higher revenue 
  • Drive sales and conversions through targeted strategies 
  • Cultivate brand loyalty and satisfaction for repeat business 

But not just any automation tool will do. Instead, you want one that also combines retail and marketing KPIs for advanced optimization. There is only one such tool — our very own Kimonix!  

Kimonix presents a comprehensive AI-driven merchandising solution that streamlines category management and product sorting, adjusting in real-time. Its array of features empowers retailers to:

  1. Intuitively cater to customer preferences
  2. Elevate conversion rates and revenue
  3. Maximize margins and fine-tune inventory management
  4. Optimize product sorting to align with retail KPIs
  5. Conduct A/B tests to identify the most lucrative collections

What more could you need, right? You can book a free demo here

Wrap Up

There you have it, five quick merchandising hacks you can implement in time to boost your Easter and spring online sales. To recap, here are the top Easter merchandising strategies outlined: 

  1. Get festive with your onsite promotions
  2. Combine personalized product recommendations with email marketing to drive engagement 
  3. Blend remarketing strategies with offsite merchandising 
  4. Bundle products in Easter themes
  5. Harness the power of advanced AI and automation 

Still got merchandising questions? Reach out to us here or sign up for our blog to get merchandising hacks straight to your inbox. 

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