7 Social Proof Tools to Boost Conversions

Why invest in social proof tools? Conversions and growth! 

Investing in right social proof strategies can help you increase reach to new potential shoppers, improve abandoned cart rates, and increase conversions — all of which build long-term growth and profitability. 

As your business expands, harnessing the superpowers of social proof is next to impossible without using the right social proof tools to collect the reviews, ratings, and UGC (user-generated content) needed to drive merchandising and marketing strategies. 

We’ve compiled a list of some of the best social proof tools you can use to improve your shopping experience and help push onsite conversions.

But first, let’s quickly review what social proof is and why social proof tools and apps are beneficial for your store. 

What Is eCommerce Social Proof and Why It’s So Important 

In eCommerce marketing terms, social proof refers to customer reviews, recommendations, product ratings, and any UGC shoppers look for when deciding on a product. 

These are collected and used by eCommerce brands throughout their buying journey — off or onsite. And why is it so important to have a steady stream of social proof at every digital touchpoint


According to one survey, as many as 95% of shoppers will read product reviews before buying. But that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Here are some social proof statistics from FinancesOnline. 

social proof stats

[Source: FinancesOnline]

With these stats, you can’t afford not to invest in an advanced social proof strategy. And a good social proof strategy is challenging without the right automation.  

Benefits of Social Proof Tools 

Let’s look at some of the top benefits of social proof tools and apps for your store: 

  1. Automation. Social proof tools offer varying degrees of automation, reducing manual work while increasing productivity. Additionally, the right automation tools result in an increase in better quality social proof, which positively affects conversion rates. 
  1. Real-time data. Automation and machine learning also have another handy side effect when optimizing social proof strategies: access to real-time data. This data enables you to see what is working — or not working — and pivot quickly enough to impact performance. 
  1. Multi-channel collection. Whether it’s from your online store, an after-sales email, or a social media channel, there are a lot of platforms you want to factor into your social proof collection strategy. The right social proof tool will enable you to collect, display, and optimize social proof strategies across multiple channels.
  1. Improved sales and conversions. When used strategically, social proof can boost conversions. For instance, a well-placed pop-up utilizing social proof helped Ruokabokski increase its sales by 37%. However, you can also use reviews in other essential marketing tasks, such as merchandising.

Pro Tip: Using Social Proof to Drive Profits Through Merchandising Strategies

An advanced merchandising strategy should consider multiple parameters — including marketing metrics and retail KPIs. Product reviews and rates are a few of these parameters that have proved highly successful for online retailers in improving sales and profits!

Leading merchandising tool Kimonixallows eCommerce brands to do just that, enabling retail brands to factor in social proof (reviews and ratings) to boost merchandising strategy success.

using reviews for product sorting

Head over to our How to Use Product Reviews to Optimize Merchandising Strategies and Increase Profits post to learn more.

Now let’s dive into the top seven social proof tools for eCommerce. 

7 Social Proof Tools to Boost Conversions

1. ProveSource Social Proof Shopify App 

Social proof app ProveSource helps you strategically place social proof such as reviews, sales pop-ups, and recent order notifications throughout your store. Focusing on real-time notifications to build urgency, the tool runs your social proof marketing on auto-pilot. 

Social Proof Shopify App

Main Features 

  • Installs in minutes  
  • Highlights authentic conversions, activities, and purchases
  • Uses your server or third parties to post conversions or sales
  • Controls your notification’s display time, speed, delay, and much more


provesource social proof pricing

2. Fomo

Fomo positions itself as a simple, automated social proof solution that shows potential customers' authentic interactions in real-time. This social proof tool helps organize and display social proof and integrates with various apps, tools, and functions, such as recent purchases, social media, email sign-ups, store forms, product reviews, and more. 

FOMO social proof tool

Main Features 

  • Includes native opt-in and push notifications to build marketing lists 
  • Shows visitors recent reviews and sales in real-time 
  • Includes multi-language support 
  • Tracks necessary social proof and marketing metrics such as impressions, engagements, conversions, and clicks 


FOMO social proof pricing

3. Trustmary

Trustmary is an all-in-one social proof SaaS tool that enables online retailers to showcase and collect reviews, ratings, and feedback automatically. Overall, it dramatically decreases the manual load and includes a robust list of features. 

How trustmary works

Main Features 

  • Identifies the reviews and widgets that generate the best results with built-in A/B testing
  • Imports reviews from multiple sources, including Google and Facebook, automatically 
  • Offers stylish and customizable widgets 
  • Includes functions to customize review collection forms that also allow for video submissions 


trustmary social proof tool pricing

4. Social Proofy

Another top social proof tool worth investigating is Social Proofy. This Shopify app enables you to efficiently run a host of social proof tasks on auto-pilot. This includes adding social proof notifications to your store, collecting emails, and implementing chat widgets. 

social proofy social proof tool

Main Features 

  • Includes 30+ social proof widgets
  • Offers real-time analytics
  • Uses live feed to showcase recent activity 
  • Includes a conversion counter 


social proofy pricing

5. Nudgify

Nudgify's main purpose is to help you increase trust and sales with instant social proof and FOMO (fear of missing out) nudges. Compatible with 32 languages, this is a popular, easy-to-use Shopify app with a 4.8 rating.

nudgify social proof shopify app

Main Features 

  • Includes options to place social proof nudges on every page
  • Showcases live visitor counters and recent purchases 
  • Includes “low stock,” “selling fast,” and “add-to-cart” nudges and pop-ups 
  • Incorporates onsite promotions, such as free delivery thresholds and discounts 


nudgify  shopify app pricing

6. Social Proof by SpurIT

Another popular social proof Shopify app is Social Proof by SpurIT — a full-service Shopify 

development company specializing in marketing tools. Their social proof app enables you to configure copy, design, conditions, and location of the social proof widgets without the need for coding. 

Main Features 

  • Installs quickly and easily 
  • Includes complete social proof control 
  • Offers the ability to do bulk widget edits 
  • Includes customizable widgets 


Social proof shopify app pricing

7. Proof Factor 

Proof Factor is a social proof marketing tool that works with many eCommerce platforms, including WooCommerce, Shopify, Magenta, and Wix. As a bonus, it offers many additional features outside of social proof, including SMS marketing automation and one-click checkout upsell.

proof factor social proof tool

Main Features 

  • Includes a live visitor count
  • Showcases actual orders in real-time 
  • Includes intent exit triggers 
  • Offers additional gamified pop-ups 


Price is quoted on a store-to-store basis. 

Wrap Up 

There you have it, seven social proof tools you can use to improve your shopping experience and boost conversions. Choosing between them will depend on your needs, brand, and budget. 

And before investing big, make use of demos and free trials to ensure you find the right eCommerce social proof app for you.

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