How to identify your REAL best sellers?

Best Sellers Collection is one of the most important shelf spaces in your store. You must use it wisely and presents your best performing products while using inventory efficiently.
Its highly recommended, especially for stores with many products, to have a Best Sellers collection (you can call it what ever you want) and show it on your home page and/or on menu.
This helps your customers see the best products that they are most likely to want very quickly and increase chances for them to purchase.

How to identify your REAL best sellers?

Many stores identify their best sellers products based only on sales quantity. That is not enough!
You need to analyze their overall performance and make sure they have available inventory (products & variants if have any).
Let’s take 2 products for example:
Product A
Was pushed on marketing channels with a big budget, got a lot of exposure and therefore got more sales:
Marketing budget $1000, 100 units sold, 0.5% conversion rate in store and 1% CTR on Facebook.
Product B
Had an average budget, average exposure and many sales:
Marketing budget $500, 90 units sold, 2.5% conversion rate in store and 3% CTR on Facebook.

Which one would you consider to be a better product? A best seller?

Of course, that product B is better, but, if you consider only sales you will think product A is because it had more sales.
On top of that, what about inventory? What about margin?
You would want to promote best performing products that need a push to finish their inventory.
You would also want to consider margin as part of your decision-making process of which products to present and push.

Things to notice:

  • Make sure you are identifying best sellers according to recent data (e.g. last 30 days) in order to have relevant products that are hot now.
  • Make sure you don’t put too many products in the collection – it will lose credibility
  • Make sure you update it often, so you show most trendy products and don’t show out of stock products

Identifying your real best sellers will help you increase conversion rate and boost sales.

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