How Kimonix Delivered a 142% Improvement in Collections Conversion Rate for JD Sports 

JD Sports , a prominent clothing brand based out of Israel, is no stranger to the complexities and challenges of online retail. With the objective of elevating their online conversion rate, JD Sport sought the expertise of Kimonix, a forerunner in the eCommerce merchandising sector. The result was a spectacular 142% surge in their collection conversion rate.

Setting the Goal: Enhancing Conversion Rates

The primary goal of JD Sports was simple yet ambitious: increase their collections conversion rate by a significant margin. The team had a straightforward objective: to test if Kimonix, known as one of the web’s top providers of eCommerce optimization solutions, could deliver the desired results. 

How to Increase Collection Conversion Rates: An Unorthodox Approach

JD Sports employed Kimonix to initiate a precisely structured d A/B testing strategy on one of their central collections. The team executed two distinctive sorting strategies:

  • The initial strategy was to implement eCommerce merchandising best practices and control test where the sorting remained unchanged, providing a baseline of the original conversion rate.
  • The second strategy entailed employing Kimonix's multi-segment collection setup. This strategy organized the collections to showcase varied product types in each row such as T-shirts, pants, shorts, sweatshirts, and more. In each segment, a unique sorting strategy was applied, which factored in elements like sales, conversion rate, variants in stock ratio, and more.

The Results: A Remarkable Conversion Boost

Just a week into the AB testing experiment, JD Sports began witnessing impressive results. With the advanced sorting strategy provided by Kimonix, the collection's conversion rate skyrocketed by an unprecedented 142%. The Kimonix solution proved its worth, affirming its efficacy in enhancing the online shopping experience and driving higher conversion rates.

Conclusion: An Endorsement of Success

The JD Sports team couldn't be more thrilled with the results. In their own words-

"We absolutely love this app! It is very full of features and ways that help us merchandise our store. Very good service by the team in Kimonix and we are happy we chose this app."
- Ron Bar Levav, Online Merchandiser at JD Sports

This case study provides compelling evidence of Kimonix's potential to revolutionize online retail strategies. It's not just about rearranging merchandise or streamlining website design. Instead, it's about implementing data-driven decisions to optimize the shopping experience, leading to remarkable improvements in conversion rates.

Key Takeaways

This success story of JD Sports serves as an important lesson for retailers seeking to optimize their online presence:

  • The significance of A/B testing in enhancing conversion rates
  • The potential of sophisticated sorting strategies to structure product displays
  • The value of considering multiple parameters like sales, conversion rate, and stock ratio in decision-making processes

JD Sports' experience with Kimonix underscores the power of innovation and data-driven strategies in transforming online retail outcomes. The substantial improvement in the collection conversion rate proves that, with the right solutions, even the most ambitious business goals can be achieved.

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