Alembika Leverages Personalized Product Recommendations to Achieve an Impressive Email Marketing Conversion Rate of 29% and 88X in ROI on Total App Cost.

Alembika is no stranger to advanced merchandising strategies, having seen massive ROIs and revenue improvement since using Kimonix’s collection merchandising. However, they were also looking for similar improvements in their product recommendation email marketing campaigns — making them only too happy to be one of the first merchants to test our marketing collections feature.

After four months of using this feature, they saw a monthly average of 88X in ROI on app cost and 29% in campaign conversion rates. Let’s take a look to see how you can duplicate their advanced personalized product recommendations strategy.


Founded in 2005, Alembika is an apparel brand targeting women 40+ with flattering layered designs. It was founded by fashion designer Hagar Alembik-Hazofe, a graduate of Shenkar School of Design and an established designer in the Israeli fashion scene, and Dr. Judy Fadlon, an anthropologist. Alembika has since become a popular global online fashion name.


  • Generate more revenue using personalized email campaigns
  • Increase overall conversion rates
  • Improve ROIs

The Challenge

Alembika wanted to increase the campaigns’ conversion rates and generate more sales by sending more-personalized recommendations to their Klaviyo mailing lists — but not just any personalized product recommendations.

They also wanted to incorporate a multi-parameter approach that considered their marketing and retail KPIs, as well as an individual's preferences and needs. For that, they needed to extend the collection strategies they were using to their personalized email campaigns.

Their Approach and Solution

To do this, they needed Kimonix’s newest advanced merchandising feature: Collections for Marketing. This feature enables merchants to select parameters and personalization criteria that the system will then use to select and embed products into a personalized email marketing campaign. These email product collections are clickable, taking potential shoppers directly to the product page to checkout.

Using this feature, Alembika created three email campaigns over four months. These emails included dynamically changing product selections based on an email subscriber's past store purchases (1:1 personalization) and other important advanced product analytics.

The Results

After switching to Kimonix’s Collections for Marketing feature for the email campaigns, that integrate to Klaviyo, Alembika saw 29% conversion rates. They also saw an 88X in ROI on the total Kimonix platform cost!

"We have just started using Kimonix in our store and we love the detailed presentation of data and the countless merchandising possibilities it allows us to utilize. The seamless sync with Shopify is an absolute time and effort saver. Highly recommended!"
- Alin Wagner, Head of Marketing and eCommerce

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