10 Top Shopify Apps 2024

Looking for the right tool to drive business growth? These top Shopify apps are a great place to start: 

  1. Kimonix 
  2. Yotpo 
  3. Loop 
  4. BeProfit
  5. KNO
  6. Growave 
  7. AI ChatGPT Description
  8. Littledata
  9. Bulk Discount Code Bot
  10. Locksmith 

But should we be using all of them? In this post, we break down these top 2024 Shopify apps in terms of features and price, so you can choose the right tool for the right need for the right price. 

Let’s jump in. 

1. Kimonix Advanced Merchandising Shopify App 

For product sorting to be highly effective, you need to ensure it doesn’t just react in real-time but does so based on multiple essential data points. Kimonix is an advanced merchandising app designed to do just that. 

Key Features: 

  1. Create smart, automated multi-segment product collections 
  2. Build a product sorting strategy that prioritizes your specific business parameters
  3. Includes built-in product recommendations that combine retail and marketing KPIs and 1:1 personalization 
  4. Offers built-in automated A/B testing 
  5. Build smart, automated collections you can use for product ads or email marketing campaigns

Price: Plans start from $19/month, and all include a 14-day free trial.

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2. Yotpo Product Reviews & UGC Shopify App 

We know that social proof can be a huge driving factor for conversions. Yotpo is a great tool for automating as much of the product review and UGC collecting as possible.  

Key Features: 

  1. Customize review widgets and leverage Smart Filters
  2. Includes Google seller ratings and Google Shopping ads integrations 
  3. Connects reviews with loyalty, SMS, or subscription product synergies 
  4. Collect and display social proof elements, such as UGC or reviews 

Price: Yotpo offers a free basic plan for newbies — or those brands that want to test the app before signing up for more robust subscriptions — with paid plans starting at $15 per month. 

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3. Loop Returns and Exchanges Shopify App

Automation and machine learning will be vital to ensuring eCommerce growth in the coming year — this includes after-sale service tools. Loop is an excellent Shopify app that enables you to automate your returns to reduce costs while also building customer loyalty and retention. 

Key Features: 

  1. Make exchanges easier with a host of features such as Bonus Credit, Shop Now, and Instant Exchanges
  2. Create a premium returns experience that is simple and seamless 
  3. Track shopper behavior in real-time 
  4. Use Workflows, Custom Rules, and Blocklists to optimize and reduce return costs and minimize fraud  

Price: Paid plans start at $29 per month. 

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4. BeProfit Profit Analytics Shopify Apps 

Optimizing performance for growth is ineffective without the right analytics data and insights. The BeProfit Shopify App is designed just for that. It enables brands to calculate profit, track costs, sync marketing spend, view lifetime value reports, and more.

Key Features: 

  1. Use cutting-edge cohort analysis to access power insights such as customer lifetime value, ROAS, and CAC  
  2. Customize reports with scheduled email delivery
  3. Use UTM (Urchin Tracking Module) tracking to sync all your expenses, order data, and ad platforms, and optimize marketing campaigns 

Price: BeProfit is free to install, with paid plans starting at $25 per month. 

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5. KNO Post Purchase Surveys Shopify App 

High-performing retention strategies are vital for long-term profitability — and post-purchase surveys can go a long way in doing that. KnoCommerce is a post-purchase survey (PPS) platform that enables you to gather essential insights at many digital touchpoints throughout the buyer journey. 

Key Features: 

  1. Choose from dozens of pre-built questions and 30+ survey templates
  2. Take advantage of audience and template features for customer cohorts based on survey and order data 
  3. Integrate with API and other top apps such as Triple Whale, Peel, Klaviyo, etc. 
  4. Make use of sophisticated logic flows and "actions" to push customers to deeper engagement 

Price: KNO has a free basic plan merchants can test, with paid plans starting at $99 per month.

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6. Growave Loyalty & Wishlist Shopify App 

Referrals and rewards are another vital part of your retention and revenue strategy. Growave is a feature-rich app designed to handle both — from one app — as seamlessly as possible. It includes loyalty programs, wishlist referrals, rewards, gift cards, review apps, and more.  

Key Features: 

  1. Build social proof quickly with UGC collection and showcase 
  2. Use loyalty programs, VIP tiers, and rewards to increase repeat purchases and retention
  3. Collect product reviews and customer photos automatically 
  4. Include wishlists and trigger emails in your marketing strategy to boost sales 

Price: Growave is free to download for stores with fewer than 100 orders per month, with paid plans starting at $49 per month. 

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7. AI ChatGPT Description Shopify App 

The expansion of eCommerce AI enables online retailers to streamline their business as much as possible. One AI-powered Shopify app that is worth checking out this year is the AI ChatGPT Description App. This is a free app that enables Shopify merchants to generate compelling product descriptions using ChatGPT, which converts. 

Key Features: 

  1. Save time and money with automated product description creation 
  2. Increase product description content to boost visibility and ranking 
  3. Match descriptions to your store brand voice to ensure it aligns with your target shopper

Price: Free 

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8. Littledata Tracking Shopify App 

Without the right data, you can’t make informed decisions. That is why data apps such as Littledata are so important. The Littledata Tracking Shopify App accumulates sales, checkout, upsell, and other vital data from all your tools to offer valuable insights. 

Key Features: 

  1. Track client and server sides for better team management 
  2. Get a more complete look at your eCommerce analytics and order data in Google Analytics 4 (GA4)
  3. Send purchase counts, LTV (lifetime value), and lifecycle events to Google Analytics more easily 
  4. Integrate with 50+ other platforms, including TikTok, Pinterest, Facebook, etc. 

Price: Each plan has a 30-day free trial, with subscriptions starting at $99 per month.

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9. Bulk Discount Code Bot Shopify App 

By creating unique discount codes, you can prevent discount abuse — which is impossible to do manually during peak season marketing. As the name suggests, Bulk Discount Code Bot will enable you to generate and export unique discount code sets. 

Key Features: 

  1. Produce and import an endless supply of distinct discount codes directly onto your Shopify store
  2. Review example codes and time estimates before you deploy  
  3. Search Shopify for a list of unique codes 

Price: The basic version is free, with paid plans starting at $49 per month. 

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10. Locksmith Shopify App

Want more control over who can access certain products and pages of your Shopify store? Locksmith Shopify App “locks” any content on your store, restricting access and hiding it from view. Locks can include anything from customer tags and email addresses to passcodes.

Key Features: 

  1. Hide collections, products, prices, or other vital information 
  2. Create locked areas based on location, passcodes, tags, etc. 
  3. Use Liquid’s or Locksmith’s API for custom functionality

Price: Plans start at $9 per month, and all include a 15-day free trial.

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Wrap Up 

There you have it: 10 top Shopify apps to try this coming year! Ideally, start with the one that matches your needs and budget first, then expand. 

Happy selling!

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