Footwear brand Yellow Shoes increases YoY add to cart rate by 30% with the help of automated merchandising strategy

Regardless of niche, a retailer’s most important goal is to increase sales and keep conversions steadily growing over time. In e-commerce, this is especially true since the cost of acquiring new customers online can be exceptionally expensive, which makes every product release and promotional strategy all the more complex.

In particular, the add to cart rate remains a critical metric that retailers should strive to continuously improve. This number refers to the percentage of site visitors who added an item to their shopping cart and may seem like a straightforward concept, yet it can be difficult to achieve in practice.

To make the most of their conversion efforts, footwear company Yellow Shoes approached Kimonix for help empowering their merchandising strategy using our automated merchandising solution.

31% increase in product add to cart ratio YoY!


Founded in 1916, Yellow Shoes is a Quebec-based manufacturer and distributor of quality footwear, ranging from hiking boots to high heels and platforms. The catalog on its online store is extensive, with a diverse range of styles, sizes, and colors for men, women, and children.

With such a trusted reputation, the company has been able to establish itself as a leader in the footwear industry—both nationally and worldwide.


  • Fully automate product categories
  • Sort categories based on various parameters
  • Increase add to cart ratio and conversions

The Challenge

With over 200 collections being sold online, Yellow Shoes' team had its work cut out for them when it came to optimizing their product categories. They wanted to be more efficient in their merchandising efforts and automate the process for an enhanced inventory management experience.

The company would require a solution that categorized and promoted products based on multiple parameters, all of which were based on advanced product analytics. This would prevent them from needing to manually update each product page and would help the company create more efficient and profitable marketing campaigns.

In a nutshell: Yellow Shoes required an automated merchandising solution to boost sales. Yellow Shoes needed a solution that could monitor data across multiple product categories, identify top-performing products, and track inventory levels.

Our Approach and Solution

To grant Yellow Shoes the merchandising strategy it needed to enjoy sustainable growth, Kimonix provided a sorting strategy for each of its primary collections across the site.

Fortunately, we had exactly what they needed.

To make this as effective as possible, we considered multiple parameters, including:

  • Sales
  • Conversion rate
  • Sizing inventory (one of the most crucial parameters for apparel stores, as it has the most impact on product conversion)

The result was a comprehensive sorting strategy that allowed Yellow Shoes to customize its merchandising to the needs of each customer and product category, which gave it the ability to efficiently promote its products using strategies most relevant to its target audience

The Results

"[An] excellent app [that] has saved our company a lot of time and money by automatically merchandising well over 200+ collections for our store. Highly recommend it."
- Harry Avrith, Digital Sales and Marketing Director, YELLOW

Using Kimonix, Yellow Shoes was able to strike a streamlined balance between the parameters listed above. As a result, the company can now promote high-converting products within their sorted collections, therefore resulting in a notable increase for its add to cart ratio.

Since employing Kimonix's advanced merchandising strategy, the company has enjoyed the following result:

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