How Apparel Retailer Summum Improved Conversion Rates by 19% in Just 5 Weeks with Advanced Merchandising

Advanced online merchandising can substantially increase profits — when done right, that is. And in today’s market, brands need every conversion advantage they can get. This is something Summum understands all too well.

Looking to increase their overall conversion rate, Summum set out to move from a single-parameter sorting strategy to an advanced, multiple-parameter sorting strategy — something they came to Kimonix for help with. 


Summum is a women’s apparel fashion label that Jos and Jorien Wijker started in 1998. Positioned as a down-to-earth Dutch brand with international appeal, they focus on creating on-trend and timelessly classic designs that both look great and are comfortable.


The Challenge

Summum wanted to switch to an advanced, multiple-parameter product sorting strategy to drive their overall store conversion rate. However, they didn’t want to risk a drop in sales or revenue with their strategy change, so they were looking for a streamlined approach and tool.

Their Approach and Solution

With the help of Kimonix, Summum were able to better balance between sales, conversion rates, variants with stock ratio, inventory, and more. They created an advanced product sorting strategy that factors in “how many sizes are in stock” (and other inventory optimization metrics) into their merchandising strategy.

For an apparel brand like Summum, merchandising based on “how many sizes are in stock” is crucial for the conversion rate. And then, by combining that metric with the other essential parameters, they were able to fine-tune their strategy until they saw a significant impact on their store’s overall conversion rate.

The Results

In just five weeks of using an advanced merchandising strategy factoring in multiple parameters — with the help of Kimonix — Summum saw a whopping 19% increase in their store’s overall conversion rate!

"Kimonix is a great tool for merchandise collection pages, whether for very basic or more advanced (AI) strategies. One of the most critical factors for us, as a smaller eCommerce team, is that it is effortless to install and use by the end user (basically, no development needed)."
- Anouk Janse, eCommerce & Online Marketing Manager

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