Mia Belle Girls Collections' Conversion Rates Soars by 267% with Kimonix's Advanced Sorting Capabilities

In the eCommerce market, achieving a significant increase in conversion rates is often a challenging feat. Yet, this is exactly what Mia Belle Girls, a Miami-based girls' clothing brand, accomplished with the help of Kimonix. Within just two weeks of implementing Kimonix's sorting strategies, Mia Belle Girls observed an outstanding 267% increase in their collections’ conversion rates.

The Challenge: Boosting Collection Conversion Rates

Mia Belle Girls was already a loved brand with a large social media following. However, the company was seeking to enhance their online conversion rates. Their previous sorting method used sales and inventory, and required manually tagging bestsellers and new arrivals, making it a time-consuming process. They also had to account for inventory quantities, which didn't always provide accurate data.

The team needed an advanced, data-driven solution to improve the effectiveness of their eCommerce product sorting strategies, and thus drive increased sales.

The Approach: Deploying Kimonix's Advanced Sorting Strategies

Mia Belle Girls engaged Kimonix to transform their sorting strategy. With Kimonix's powerful analytics and advanced sorting capabilities, Mia Belle Girls was able to quickly identify best-selling styles and automatically sort them higher in their collections.

Kimonix also implemented a strategy that included sorting parameters such as sales, conversion rate, variants with stock ratio, and inventory. The utilization of these varied factors allowed the popular styles to gain better exposure, increasing the sales significantly.

The Results: Significant Conversion Rate Uplift with Kimonix

In just two weeks of implementing Kimonix's advanced sorting strategies, Mia Belle Girls witnessed a staggering increase in their collections' conversion rate by 267%. The market-leading, intuitive capabilities of Kimonix provided Mia Belle Girls with the tools they needed to capitalize on their popular styles, optimize their inventory, and ultimately increase sales.

"Kimonix has improved conversion rates on our stores collections in a very short period of time. I have worked with several other Shopify apps to assist with sorting collections and this is by far the best I have used.
Not only has sorting been quicker for me to do, it's been far more effective in generating sales because of the numerous filters that use our stores specific analytics"
- Julia James, Merchandising Manager at Mia Belle Girls

About Mia Belle Girls

Mia Belle Girls, founded in 2007, has grown to be a household name and a trusted source for girls' clothing, accessories, and matching mother-daughter looks. With over 900,000 followers, Mia Belle Girls continues to take social media by storm, offering high quality and on trend outfits that fit every occasion.

Key Takeaways

Mia Belle Girls success from their work with Kimonix highlights the importance of retailers enhancing their online presence:

  • Kimonix's advanced sorting capabilities can drastically improve eCommerce conversion rates.
  • Automatic sorting of best-selling styles and new arrivals saves time and increases efficiency.
  • Sorting strategies considering multiple parameters, such as sales, eCommerce conversion rate optimization, variants with stock ratio, and inventory, can have a significant impact on sales.

The impressive increase in their collections’ conversion rates shows that with the right tools and the right expertise, businesses can achieve remarkable results.

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