Advanced Product Sorting and Smart Collections for Adobe Commerce (Magento)

Advanced product sorting and smart collections that harness the power of quality data and automation have just come to Adobe Commerce stores.

As we know, getting the right products to the right shopper at the right time can make or break your retail business profitability. Without strategic merchandising that harnesses the power of retail AI, this can be an uphill battle, especially for online retailers who have mere seconds to engage and entice potential customers.

This is why advanced product sorting and collections should be front and center of a winning online merchandising strategy. This means:

  • Taking important inventory optimization and marketing KPIs into account, and building a multi-parameter dynamic product list to drive not only sales, but also profitability
  • Combining it with the power of advanced machine learning and automation

Now you can do just that with Kimonix’s advanced Adobe Commerce product merchandising, sorting, and categories.

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Why Every Adobe Commerce Store Needs Advanced Product Sorting

When you combine a multitude of business and marketing parameters to build your merchandising strategy, you can move a wider range of inventory without compromising on conversion revenue. Simply put, multi-parameter product collections will help you drive sales and:

  1. Boost efficiency and productivity, which drives down costs
  2. Increase customer retention while reducing non-moving stock levels significantly
  3. Reduce wastage and holding costs while optimizing revenue potential by staying within margin goals
  4. Prevent overstocking and support inventory management and fulfillment
product table

Let’s say you are currently prioritizing basic or personalized best-seller collections, and these products are populated solely by your total revenue. You are likely losing out on a lot of revenue and profit potential. 

Why? By factoring in parameters instead, such as conversion rates, margins, and days to finish inventory, you will have a best-sellers category strategy that will help you optimize profits while boosting sales.

And now, with the Kimonix Magento extension, you can use more than a single parameter when sorting products on category pages and building your product collections. These parameters include:

  • Conversion rate
  • Reviews (ratings and amounts)
  • Margin
  • Real margin (after discounts)
  • Sales (quantity or amounts)
  • Inventory value
  • Days to finish inventory
  • Variants stock ratio (how many variants are in stock)
  • Days since back in stock
  • Days in store
  • Discount
  • Pageviews

Key Features for Kimonix Adobe Commerce Extension

  1. Advanced product sorting: The Kimonix extension’s proprietary AMS engine enables your brand to build a sorting strategy according to their specific business parameters in real-time. Brands can customize the influence of sales, inventory, margins, and customer preferences and move inventory faster, all while boosting sales.
  2. Smart automated categories: With the Kimonix extension, stores are able to build smart, multi-segment categories that factor in personalized data with key retail KPIs to build robust ROI-driven customer journeys that drive sales and profits. Categories are then automated and optimized by these segments or parameters in real-time with advanced automation and machine learning.
  3. Product grouping customization: Adobe Commerce retailers who use the Kimonix extension can decide how their products are grouped and displayed, overwriting any general data.

Adobe Commerce platform compatibility

  • Open Source (CE): 2.3 (current), 2.4 (current)
  • Commerce On-premise (EE): 2.3 (current), 2.4 (current)
  • Commerce Cloud (ECE): 2.3 (current), 2.4 (current)

Tip: Ready to upgrade your Magento merchandising? Install Kimonix Advanced Product Sorting Extension here.

How Advanced Product Sorting and Smart Collections Can Boost Profits by up to 30%

In a nutshell, with the right product sorting strategy and Kimonix’s advanced multi-segment automation, you have the potential to boost profits by as much as 30% over time.

Let’s look at one product sorting case study that resulted in 8% profit lifts in just one month.

Jewelry retailer Swarovski (IL), an omnichannel retail brand under the umbrella of YALON – the official representative in Israel for the global Swarovski company – wanted to increase their revenue and number of conversions while reducing their non-moving stock.

To do this, they needed to implement an advanced storing strategy that would take multiple segments or parameters into consideration without disrupting their existing best-seller revenue and overall conversion rates.

By partnering up with Kimonix, they were able to do just that. For their product sorting and collections, they used multiple advanced parameters simultaneously. These included:

  • Sales
  • Conversion rates
  • Days to finish inventory
  • Inventory
  • Margins

Each parameter was ranked and then customized by their specific business goals, enabling them to display both best-sellers and slow movers on the category pages. Here are the results after just four weeks:

Introducing Advanced Product Sorting and Smart Collections for Adobe Commerce

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